by Così e Così

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The fourth & final album in the #SelfExit2014 album series: No IRL.
"Discouraging the capacity for illusion and it's claims of virtue, though our reality is manifested by our imagination." - Vincent Ferrari

#NoIRL #SelfExit2014 #NOEXIST

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released December 31, 2014

Tracks 1, 2, 9 produced w/ Max Posthoorn



all rights reserved
Track Name: New Tab
Così e Così, Vincent Ferrari
The sum of many lives

I'll take the shape of the movement in you
The ghost writer will take the pen & never write the denouement
Every song an echo of Parrot, Pauper, Prince
From Kram Ran's Idiot Prince to The Little Prince

The lamplighter lights the way
Every night there is a torch bearer but soon comes day
The flame is distinguished, a cruel joke -
Morrow' the street is cast by a different flame

Criss-Cross Cross the paradox of Christian love
You have to lose everything to gain anything
But when the pattern is abandonment
The man of many moments becomes everlasting
And the woman of the moment is always changing

I L U over URL
IRL it's someone else

Still your naked jpg.'s on my hard drive extend to my hand stroke
Flipping the bird to ownership - take what's not yours
Flip it, we exist what we create
Bearing birth till #NOEXIST
Track Name: Worthy Knife Stab
The toad's burp burst by the sparkle's fist
From a sparkling pond or dirty reservoir
Always a cleansing kiss makes believe a sweet prince
To believe there's always a new saviour relief

Boi, Grl, only to relive weightless seeds, sunken treasures
The home free face challenging decree
That fishes must adapt to the space of their sea
And growth is the burden of a heavy treasure chest

Let the knife shed blood, swallow the blood
But blood turn black, baby went back
Shit is shit, fuck that shit
Let go the treasure you've gained -
Emerge, spit and ascend

~The worthy weight of a heavy heart
Is the worthy release of a weightless man
To meet the maker sing her song:

Fall, fall, like a heavy anchor
Stab, stab, like knife play straight up
The chain remains linked
Pull and release, unsheathed
Let fly, fly the sharpest blade ~

Die like mute swans swamped in the sea
Or dawning new knives till never again
Made a million loves by loving just one
And building bombs on top of it

Set to zero from the start
Live like always, always ignite
Never numb but blown the last time
Her body/breath change but I'm still the same
Digging in, never cashing out
Ride the same wind but moving along
Sucking deep, the motions always deep

I'll ride the same wind strong -
Cut deep right in and out of it all

~The worthy weight of a heavy heart
Is the worthy release of a weightless man
To meet the maker sing her song:

Fall, fall, like a heavy anchor
Stab, stab, like knife play straight up
The chain remains linked
Pull and release, unsheathed
Let fly, fly the sharpest blade ~
Track Name: Whirling Dervish (feat. Zoë Alexis-Abrams)
Friends, let's hold it together, together
Grl, letting go of together, alone
U, let's create something new, however
Track Name: Black Hole Love T.
Black hole love E.T.C.C.
Define it and you destroy it
It's not the bullet that kills you - it's the hole

No, it's the bullet that stays lodged
Let the world burn through your bullets holes
Or bullets tied to hot air balloons - sail away with it!
Whatever u got to do -
Presently filling in the colour of the stars left blank

When in the sky there are no stars,
By ones foot there is no ground to stand: floating
When life realized an illusion
Nothing was ever a commotion
And when our bodies be we can be nobody
Because nobody can embody our steady study

Like forever fireworks
Like polish on petty pebbles - make coins
We can sublimate, enter the black hole love
Let Temporary Opalescent Death play again
Or a song to remind the acceptance of suicide

Facing the failings of reality:
...Winston & spouse, Ms Ess Daws
Comes pacing of progress - make surfacing
To walk upon stars to wish upon
Filling in the colour of the stars left blank
Enter the black hole love
Track Name: Black Hole Love C.
Bullet blade pierced, everything to lose
Lodged in the head, lodged in the heart
The day has come, large... and lodged
The day has come to see what life is gained by losing it all
The sun rise like charcoal, resting

Build me a landscape to draw me a lodger
Build me a landscape to draw me a whale larger than our portrait

Nuclear marine ego, exist - I'm proud of you ego
Nuclear marine ego, assist - It was all for you
No Exist

Black hole love
Track Name: A Ball Of Ages (feat. T. Funk)
Your first is falling out
Not the same
Come at you and they'll say:

"Hope for a ball & chain"

Hope there's a ball & chain
Someone say
is so good
___so good
Track Name: Pedestal
Driving grandpa car to St. Norbert
With my hands tied behind my back
Our love like Christian sentimentality
Made out of distraction but come together
Like the Red and Assiniboine

Fucking at the forks your pussy wetter than the red
Caught my bone but you brought back home
Chose the H.U.S. wedding band over U -
When love came first
First knot tied to hold you back
First edge skipped - you'll never know

Believing in nothing, partly believing in us
But we can never go far enough
Like the ring on your finger we'll come round again
Baby we'll go again, let's go again
When we empty & need to fill again
You know I'll come back used up again -
Cuz I can't resist - No, fuck it
Cease and desist

Need the white noise of painted whales
Mermaids are a part of this world
Like Marina Abramović on the pedestal - you'll never be
Our affair like christian sentimentality
Dull knives, we served the occult
Possessive over your fat lips
Selling souls for curiosity's sake, and
Never for the sake to just make it
Lured by the pearl
Fucking like a grenade
Keep you pinned
Pull the pin & we'll explode
Keep me in

Lured by the pearl
Push it in, keep it pinned
No regrets when it comes to finished
Keep me in
Track Name: Floating/Surfing (feat. YlangYlang)
Through the web of waves surfing
On the promises written on water
It was the 9th tweet till I didn't delete
And reached the fantasy of violets holding tight
Despite overbearing black -
Utopia boi met grl
And day to day traded roles

Played out love an experience
Where judgement is obliterated
All these ideals written wavered
And self-preservation let free it's stranglehold

Lose myself in you, being you
No I.R.L., no body
Floating or surfing
Away, or into you

Through the videos of youtube surfing
On the affections sent by hyperlinks
J. Cole, Beyonce - it was the 177
Fuck till I didn't escape -
And reached the reality of love's distorting illusion
Despite overbearing possession
Boi let grl be, day to day
New roles created D.T.B.

Played out love however
Grl forever, B.F.F.
For love no matter
Let free the stranglehold

Lose myself in you, being you
No I.R.L., no body
Floating or surfing
Away, or into you

Floating or surfing no stranglehold to hold me down
Though my back is broke & my heart is ate out.
J'ai (suis) de la peine - mangled men, many lives
The waves crash in & finally a farewell to arms.
Track Name: Already Exists, Overwrite?
Login, creating an entire world of nothingness 1 entity at a time
purveyor in enlightened self-destruction

The sickness unto death, respect Soren. In death we becoming - know we die a little everyday. But every day we come 2 life: adding slates.
I'm already taking my victory lap, though I'm just getting started - hustlin' - in No Exist I exist in the black hole love.

There ain't ever gonna be a wrap, cuz self is the end of history, but we just taking shape. Let go of conceived wholeness, the balanced citizen, the made-man: new tab; we exist what we creating.

The patterns of abandonment, patterns of no exist - the garden of forking paths: know it backward. Retrace 7-3-2 C.T.E C.T.E.
Self exist from self exit, like live twitter feed
U already r who u r, u r whatever u r
And it's becoming, oh baby you're so becoming
Forget the gimmicks & concepts - you're so becoming

(what is an anti-orgasmic existential moment? peer gynt with no next move, the stranger in The Stranger, a lull between fog horns)

Self exit to no exist is not enough, it's never enough, but to have faith in it.
DIY by dfault, DIY by choice, or DIY by a series of unfortunate events. Così e Così Ltd. brought to you by my doppelgänger who cut a hole into his chest, crawled inside - and came out my mouth.
i slit it's veins and bleached it's draining blood till it turned yellow.
daddy cut my hands off a century ago & said "hunt & gather berries now" / mommy cut my fingers off & said "tweet 2 ur friendz now sad boi"
saint sex, gender saint. sitting in at human extinction dinner parties.
blunt codes & abstract truths, losing a grip on this vanishing formation process
make something that even you can't make
preserving septimus / he speaks through the static of phone calls and rap radio
death by metadata / dreams of pre-crime & pre-arrest.
puff the magic ego, dredging upward from waves of rusting butterfly wings and well sheared clouds
sounds of bearded folk musicians "fuelled by cigars & whiskey" exhibit next door to: Off the Beaten Path: Violence, Women and Art ‪@wag
sound of dead birds flying / falling into the sea
Bring the demons with you / so no demons get on you, and crush on toward the obiliterated
steak in bed / red dress dreams and ring when Marina reaches for Ulay / and on the line there is nothing but the tone of a dying phone.
waiting up, illustrating gender personality stereotypes through various FB DM's.
sleeping with dead bugs / but dreaming of metamorphosing into you
thinking of all the vain & beautiful roses / sadly, possibly being eaten by sheep
my address is where the owls perch

i slowly let your swamp sway in / your romeo in milkweeds
in my dreams there is hope in recognizing reality
and what will my next meaningful failure be?
ad: is destruction right for you? choose a life today
You don't have to be (the rest of them)

accusations of self-indulgence from the self-ennobled self-righteous
appropriating pro-active words of activists for indulgent destruction and the bacchanal / getting to the point

spelling out love one misunderstanding at a time, and trying again
jogging. speed bumps as substance on the road to death
she want him to play hard 2 get / 2 get hard
she know the game / got him so bad got nothing
(there is no embodiment in abandonment)

Oops as consequential earth-shattering moments
Mistakes making the world go round since B.C.
Your nihilism is vibrant baby
True love waits or true love creates, a creation that can & will wait no matter it's determined fate
Starting a new world that doesn't exist on google maps...

discouraging the capacity for illusion and it's claims of virtue / tho our reality is manifested by our imagination
eminent emptiness / salable nothingness
my security are stuffed animals
Have you heard of Vincent Ferrari
No Exist, No IRL
Being you, being you black hole love
thinking about guns, italians, pugs, pink sparkles, twist-tie wrists, st. norbert, sips of scotch, and birthday cake violently blowing up

it's okay to feel like a man, but man up to the history it entails
making new lives one death at a time
be nobody / be yourself
black out / white out / yellow out
feeling yourself as someone else / tasting yourself being someone else
if it was truly an exchange it would never stop
reappearance in disappearance

Body full of leaves / Have you heard of Vincent Ferrari
Body full of leaves / Have you heard of Vincent Ferrari
Body full of leaves / Have you heard of Vincent Ferrari
Body full of leaves / Have you heard of Vincent Ferrari